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Steel Sectional Tanks – UK

Premier Foods, Lifton - Devon
Unilever Bestfoods UK (now Premier Foods) awarded Braithwaite a Turnkey contract for replacing the existing water storage tank at their Lifton food processing factory. The contract involved providing and erecting a galvanised steel modular tank 14.64m x 10.98m x 4.88m high elevated on a 9 metre high support structure. A unique feature of this tank was the design and manufacture of 12 No. compartments with a system of baffles and weir plates. Top

Stockland Hill - South West Water
Water Undertaker South West Water awarded Braithwaite a contract to upgrade an existing elevated steel sectional water storage tank to comply with current WRAS regulations. A new 100m³ steel sectional tank with a division was supplied together with ancillary equipment. Top

Millennium Dome – London
The Dome at Greenwich, London was the centrepiece of the UK’s Millennium celebrations. Braithwaite LPCB approved steel sectional tanks were selected to provide water supply for the sprinkler fire protection system. The ‘L’ shaped steel tanks were located in two of the eight cores built around the diameter of the dome. Top

Northern General Hospital – Sheffield
The Northern General Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the UK with a growing international reputation. The Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Trust awarded Braithwaite a Turnkey contract to dismantle existing water tanks and replace with two 360m³ steel sectional water tanks compliant with WRAS and NHS specifications. The Beltherm 70 insulation system was used on the new steel tanks to assist in the prevention of microbiological growth. The tanks dimensions were 20.74m x 7.32m x 2.44m high. Top

Associated British Ports – Immingham Docks
A turnkey project was undertaken for The Associated British Ports. Braithwaite replaced an elevated potable water storage tank that supplied the Cold Water Down Services for the entire Immingham site. The replacement modular steel tank was used for storing water for a borehole on site. The contract involved scaffolding the existing structure and water tank, dismantling of the existing tank and replacing with a galvanised steel modular tank with a configuration of 14.64m x 13.20m x 4.88m high. Top



Lifton, Devon


Millennium Dome, London


Northern General Hospital,