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Braithwaite GRP hot pressed moulded sectional water tanks: BS EN 13280: 2001

The Design - What is Sectional?
Sectional tanks are a series of modular panels bolted together on site to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities. They are particularly functional in confined spaces, and can be easily transported to remote areas conveniently packed and erected simply under skilled supervision. They play a vital role in combating drought conditions in the developing countries and rural areas.

Glass Reinforced Polyester is a thermoset composite of polyester resin and glass fibre. Polyester resins are inert, with very low water absorption and toxicity levels; glass fibre too is inert and has a very high tensile strength.
Together they form a composite material which is strong, durable and ideal for water storage. This composite known as GRP, has become widely used for water tank construction and the safe storage of drinking water.

Braithwaite implement and maintain an effective quality system which complies with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000.

Braithwaite GRP tank panels are produced using the hot press moulding process in controlled manufacturing conditions. They are designed using finite element analysis techniques having a factor of safety in excess of the requirements of BS EN 13280: 2001 the specification for GRP cisterns for the storage of cold water. Additionally, design factors such as hydrostatic pressure, wind load, snow load, seismic load, etc., of the area where the tank will be erected are all taken into consideration during preliminary tank design.

Braithwaite tanks have WRAS approval for potable water storage and LPCB approval for pump suction tanks for sprinkler systems. Maximum height 4m.

Features of Braithwaite GRP Sectional Tanks

  • Excellent quality of stored water
  • Retards growth of Algae and Fungi
  • Smooth internal and external finish
  • Good resistance to most chemicals
  • Excellent resistance to ultra violet light
  • Constant and proven mechanical properties
  • Very low maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Releasable
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Uniformity of panel dimensions
  • Trouble free installation & commissioning
  • Low Dead Weight thereby saving on foundation cost
  • Easy to increase or decrease the size as per need

Unlimited sizes and configuration
With the appropriate combination from the 13 different panel designs, units of any capacity from 1 to 10,000m³ or over may be constructed, in a configuration to respect any existing site restrictions (maximum height not exceeding 4m).

Brochure available from the Download page

Tank Capacity Chart PDF

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grp tank


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