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Braithwaite has a distinct pedigree which dates back to 1884 under the name of Braithwaite and Kirk at Crown Bridge Works, West Bromwich. The Company was engaged exclusively for a number of years on the manufacture of steel Bridges, the majority of which was for export.

Now the Company is part of the Rowecord Group, and has a diverse portfolio which includes the design and supply of the largest GRP and Steel water storage tanks in the world. These tanks carry WRAS approval for potable water storage and LPCB approval for fixed fire fighting sprinkler systems.

After a century of solid success, the new millennium sees a strong company confidently moving forward into a high tech world of demanding standards for the safe storage of clean and safe drinking water.

Braithwaite has been linked with major projects spanning 100 years – from supplying in 1897 the 100 ft span Tsitsa steel bridge in South Africa to the design, manufacture and commissioning of the suction tanks serving the sprinkler system at the Millennium Dome project, London.

The Company has had a direct influence on the protection and sustainable management of water in qualitative as well as quantative terms internationally in areas such as energy, transport, agriculture, leisure, health, manufacturing and environmental protection. Good water quality contributes towards securing the safe supply of water worldwide.

The shape of Braithwaite is changing as new markets are embraced, but the unique Braithwaite way incorporating and supporting a multinational team of agents and partners remains there for individual and specialist service to our clients.


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