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Braithwaite Steel Support Towers

To provide a static head of pressure Braithwaite tanks can be erected on purpose made supporting towers. In order to choose the most suitable depth of tank for a given capacity at a known height, consideration must be given to pumping against a variable head and the pressure variations in the delivery main, both of which should be kept to a minimum.

Braithwaite structural steel support towers are a complimentary product in the range of equipment supplied and manufactured as a steel supporting structure for our range of water storage tanks. The structures have been developed over 70 years and are recognised in the industry as well-designed, efficient and economical units.

The design of the towers is undertaken by our own engineering staff supported by Computer Aided Design facilities. Towers have been designed, supplied and erected throughout the world and a wide range of sizes comply with BS.5950 Part 1 2000 for steelwork and CP 3 Chapter 5 1972 or BS.6399 Part 2 1995 for wind loading. Designs can be undertaken for other standards, unusual wind speeds or earthquake factors.

Platforms, ladders, piping, handrails, staircases and service platforms can be included. All accessories are designed to the latest British or European Codes and Standards as appropriate for the application and location. Tower components can be galvanised, painted or coated to suit the project requirements. Bottom ladder sections that are lockable or demountable can be included with safety hoops to meet safety standards.

Members are prefabricated for bolting together on site. All necessary nuts, bolts and washers are supplied and holding down bolts are included. Foundation civil works are provided by others, but design loadings will be supplied. Installation in the UK can be undertaken by our own staff that has a wide experience of this specialised work. Supervision can be provided for other countries.

Towers have been used for the support of elevated Braithwaite Tanks throughout the world. They have also been used for supporting other equipment where reliable long-life structures are needed.


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